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NRC Limited was established as National Rayon Corporation Limited in 1946 with technical collaboration from M/s. Chemtex-USA for the manufacture of Viscose Filament (Rayon) Yarn. The Company gradually increased production capacity to 38 MT/day in Rayon Yarn manufacturing.

The three main product lines of the company are textile grade Viscose Filament Yarn, Nylon - 6 Tyre Yarn & Tyrecord Fabric and Chemicals.

All the following three products lines have been certified by the BVQI for ISO 9002.

1) Viscose filament Yarn: (VFY):
Technical Details
Installed Capacity : 16000 MT PER ANNUM.
Deniers Produced : 40, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 225, 300, 360, 450, 600, 700 & 950 Deniers in bright finish.
Popular Colours: Red, Navy Blue, Special Green, Lemon yellow, Golden Yellow, Black, etc More than 140 colour shades.
The Company manufactures dull finish yarn in 120 D, 150 D and 300 D.
End Uses: Sarees and dress material, Jari, embroidery thread, ribbon, ropes, velvet, dull crepe cloth, fashion fabrics, furnishing fabrics.
2) Nylon - 6 Tyre Yarn & Tyrecord Fabric
Nylon Tyrecord was setup in 1975 with the technical collaboration of M/s Untika of Japan. Nylon division produces Nylon Filament Industrial yarn/Tyre-cord fabrics.
Technical Details
Installed Capacity : 7500 MT PER ANNUM
Actual Production: 5712 MT PER ANNUM (2001-02)

Brief Process:

Caprolactum is polymerised in 'VK' tubes, nylon-chips are produced and then yam is spun in the conventional draw-twist process. Yam is converted on twisters/cablers & direct cablers into tyrecord and then woven on latest air-jet looms.
Deniers Produced: 840D, 1260D, 1680D and 1890D.
are on par with the best in the industry.
Applications: Tyrecord fabrics in Tyres and yarn in industrial fabrics viz conveyor belting, geo-textiles, filters, chaffers, defense application fabrics, luggage fabric, inflatable boat fabrics, rubber reinforcement products etc.
3) Chemicals
The chemical division was set up in 1955 for the manufacture of 100 TPD Caustic Chlorine using mercury cell process with the collaboration of M/s De Nora of Italy. In line with the requirement of Pollution Control Board & our commitment to cleaner environment, 100 TPD Membrane Process Caustic Soda Plant was installed in 1995. In September 1997, the Mercury Cell House Plant Production was stopped & the plant was later scrapped off. On similar lines, although profitable, Carbon tetrachloride as well as Oleum products were discontinued & plants scrapped off.
Technical Details
Installed Capacity : PER ANNUM
Caustic Soda Lye 52000 MT (Liquid) (Membrane process)

Liquid Chlorine

43700 MT (Liquefied Gas)
Hydrogen 1650000 Cubic Meters (Gas)
Sulphuric Acid 58000 MT (Liquid)
Hydrochloric Acid
26400 MT (Liquid)
Carbon-di-sulphide 9000 MT (Liquid)
Anhy. Sod. Sulphate
11880 MT (Powder)
are on par with the best in the industry.

Textiles, paper, pesticides, dyes, & intermediaries, bleaching, water purification/treatment, fertilizer.etc..